Example Town LETS Account Application

Example Town LETS Account Application Form

Procedure: This form is used to apply for an account. When your details are input a security code will be emailed which you can use to confirm your application.

Account identifier preference: On systems using initials, short nicknames or handles for account identifiers you may suggest preferred account name. We suggest you provide a few options with spaces between words, in case one or some of these are already used. Please keep your preferences short and easy to remember.

Details marked * are required.

Enter your email address. *

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Enter phone 1 (landline) or None *
Enter phone 2 (mobile) or None * This number must be unique to your account for security reasons.

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Additional information which you want the new account administrator to be aware of when considering your application, e.g. your wants and offers and name/s of member/s who suggested you apply or webpages containing references. Individuals named here may be contacted.

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